I Have Move Into Our New Home


Thanks for dropping by to my blog – Our Blissful Life.

After almost three years of blogging and consequently celebrating a decade of blissful marriage, I have finally realized that it is about time to expand my blog and include my whole family throughout the stories of our life’s journey.

So, I set up Make It Blisswhere you get to read bits of thoughts and stories that create little bliss to their own family life. I have this intention of helping people to feel good, and find a bit of peace and joy in the hectic world that we live in. I thought it couldn’t hurt to try and bring something nice into the world. It would be great if you follow me in my new home as I will continue to share musings, ideas, and practical inspirations to everyone who needs something to light up and reconnect a bit with their inner joy and zest for life.

So come on, sit back, and enjoy the show as they we share our lives with you!